Dolphin Experience at Aquaventure Dubai

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Visit Aquaventure Dubai to explore beyond its exhilarating water slides

Move beyond observing and engage in conversation with the lively and perceptive Dolphins. 

Select from a variety of activities, such as a shallow water meet-and-greet or swimming with them. 

Discover more about their amazing world, touch their silky skin, and make lifelong memories. 

The Dolphin Experience offers plenty to everyone, regardless of age, whether they are ocean lovers or just inquisitive kids.

Dolphin Encounter Activities

How often do you get an opportunity to get close to these adorable, beautiful, and intelligent creatures – The Dolphins? 

Aquaventure has designed activities to suit your preference to interact with the most interactive water mammals.

Here’s a sneak peek at what could happen during the day:

Arrival and Welcome: Aquaventure Dubai’s helpful and amiable trainers will welcome you when you arrive at the assigned area. A briefing on the program, safety precautions, and dolphin behavior will be given.

Equipping: A life jacket and a wetsuit or rashguard, based on the program you select, will be given to you to guarantee your comfort and safety in the water.

Getting to Know Your Marine Animals: The program’s dolphin participants will be introduced to you by the trainers. You will get to know each one’s unique personality, preferences, and dislikes.

Creating a Bond: This is the interesting part now! You’ll enter the water and begin interacting with the dolphins under the trainers’ close supervision. This could entail learning about their training cues, giving them soft touches, and petting their silky skin.


The kind of program you select may allow you to engage in different activities with the dolphins. These might consist of:

Dip & Play

Interact and play with the dolphins in waist-deep water.

You will have fun learning about the dolphin’s biology and interesting facts in this program, which is  coordinated by a marine mammal specialist team. 

You can see them up close, touch them, play with them, and have a fun and memorable experience. 

What to expect:

  • 30 minutes in water and 10 minutes of safety orientation with a marine mammal specialist. 
  • Wetsuit, towels, and locker are included with this activity.
  • Free same-day access to Aquaventure water and all its rides. 
  • The activity is suitable for people of all ages, but an adult participant must accompany children under 12 years. 
  • Children who are up to two years old have complimentary access. 
  • You will need basic swimming abilities.
  • Same-day discounted admission rates to the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai. 

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Meet & Greet 

The meet and greet Dolphin experience lets you meet and interact with the resident dolphins from the lagoon’s edge.

This program will allow you to interact with these affectionate creatures to see what happens behind the scenes and understand how the park staff takes care of these rare marine species. 

Learn exciting facts and watch these playful and extremely energetic species do their antics. 

What’s included:

  • 30 minutes in water and 15 minutes of safety orientation with a marine mammal specialist. 
  • This is a dry experience.
  • Bottled water and soft drinks are part of this activity
  • Free same-day access to Aquaventure waterpark 
  • An adult must accompany and supervise children under 12. 

Swim & Explore 

Swim & Explore

If you want the most interactive and engaging dolphin experience, then take this deep-water activity to swim and interact with the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

Catch a glimpse and be part of their daily lives as they go through their routine.

This interactive program includes Foot Push and Hug & Dance with Dolphins. 

What’s included: 

  • 30 minutes in the water interacting with the Dolphins
  • Safety orientation with a marine mammal specialist. 
  • Dolphin performance
  • Programs such as Hug & Dance with dolphins
  • Wetsuit, towels, and locker facility is a part of this deal
  • Free same-day access to Aquaventure water along with all its rides. 
  • An adult participant must accompany children under 12 years of age. 

Things to note: 

  • This activity is unsuitable for children under 8 years and pregnant women. 
  • This is suitable for confident swimmers.

Best Time To Visit

Since the busiest travel times fall during the cooler months, choosing weekdays or early mornings might still provide a nice balance. 

Even though the weather is warmer, going on weekdays outside of the busiest travel seasons may be your best bet if you want to avoid crowds above all else.

Seasons: Opting for the cooler months between November and April allows you to have a more comfortable experience interacting with the dolphins.

Weekdays: Compared to weekdays, weekends are typically busier. If you want to escape the heavier crowds, try to visit on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Early in the morning: At 9.15 am, the park opens. If you get there shortly after opening, you can take part in the program before the crowds get too big.

Vacatis Tips For Dolphin Encounter

To make sure you have the greatest experience possible, consider these suggestions:

  • Because Dolphin Adventure programs are popular, reserve your position well in advance, especially during the busiest times of year.
  • Two essentials are a towel and a swimsuit.
  • Being on time is essential to a seamless program flow.
  • It’s critical that you heed the trainers’ instructions for your own safety and the dolphins’ wellbeing.
  • Dolphins are extremely perceptive of human feelings. Having a cheerful and upbeat mindset will improve your experience.
  • Remember to snap pictures to preserve this unique experience.


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