Children’s Splashers Area at Aquaventure

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The Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai is the world’s largest waterpark. 

Its kids’ splashers area is also the world’s largest kids’ zone, with over 22 fun-filled rides and activities.

These rides cater to adults and people aged 13 years or older, but this doesn’t mean that the kids are left out of all the fun that Atlantis Aquaventure has in store. 

Splashers Lagoon, Cove, Island, and Mountains are the four diverse zones that make up this lively area. 

Each zone has its own water slides, interactive play structures, and climbing obstacles.

With padded play areas, trained lifeguards, and family-friendly amenities, this family-friendly area guarantees safety. 

For children of all ages, the Splashers Play Area provides an abundance of fun and adventure with its themed decorations and designated toddler sections.

Four Splashers Zones

Explore the largest kids’ area in the world and plunge into over 22 fun-filled water activities with your little minions.

These activities vary and include racing down the waterslides, water jets, pools and other interactive water features. 

Splashers Lagoon 

It has nine of the most action-packed water activity areas, and the little ones spend most of their time there.

These include fun water features, splash buckets, and the Middle East’s first six-lane racing slides.

Along with this, it also includes the first kids’ tornado slide to engage young thrill-seekers, which is a scaled-down version of the adult section.

Splashers Cove

The Cove is a perfect hideout for the little adventurers in the six splashing slides in the section.

There are places for non-stop water splashing and spilling, along with the world’s first kids’ rally racer.

These give a competitive sense amidst all the entertainment for the kids.

Splashers Island 

This area caters to the kids’ innocence, playfulness, and general explorer attitude.

Here, they can choose from seven signature and exciting body and tube slides.

This zone is specifically designed for children under 1.2 meters in height.

Splashers Mountains 

 Aquaventure waterpark | Mountain Splashers Play Area For Kids.

The Splashers Mountains fuel the creative and energetic aspect of the Kids as they need to run around and take on things that challenge them. 

It has two giant buckets that dump water continuously so the little daredevils can run around and make a splash. 

It also has a climbing course that will undoubtedly challenge your little ones as they participate with their friends or make new friends while at it. 

Family-Friendly Facilities

The Kids Splashers’ area is open only to families with young children, therefore maintaining their privacy and safety.

Some of the features include:

  • A  private entrance to the Splashers Lagoon and Cove within the waterpark for families. 
  • It has shaded sun loungers for parents to lounge and keep a close eye on their kids. 
  • Has direct access to the Aquaventure Beach and river.
  • Padded play areas with professional lifeguards to ensure that the kids can play and enjoy the park carefree. 
  • Other amenities include nearby washrooms, family-friendly eating spaces, and retail stores for buying souvenirs. 

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Features of Splasher Zones

There’s more to the Children’s Splashers Play Area than just a few slides and water features. 

It is a symphony of hues, textures, and interactive features meant to spark a child’s creativity and provide hours of entertainment. 

As soon as you enter this colorful water playground, you will see:

Slides A Plenty

Various sized and shaped miniature slides accommodate a range of ages and comfort levels. 

These slides provide a thrilling and safe introduction to the thrills of water parks, ranging from mild bends to somewhat more daring drops.

Interactive Play Structures

The play area is transformed into a fantasy of water exploration by colorful fountains, tipping buckets, and water cannons. 

Youngsters can let loose their inner water warriors, chase fun jets, and get soaked by unexpected showers.

No Climbing Difficulties

Reduced-sized climbing frames and play structures offer children an enjoyable physical exercise that helps them develop their confidence and coordination.

Dedicated Toddler Area

There is a separate area with soft play equipment, seating places under shade, and soothing water elements for the young. 

Parents can unwind in peace of mind as their children play in this designated area.

Themed Decorations 

The play area is decorated with whimsical sea creature characters and lively aquatic motifs, which create a lively and captivating ambiance that piques kids’ imaginations.

Safety Measures

The safety of children is the top priority at Aquaventure Waterpark. 

Because to the careful attention to detail that went into designing the Splashers Play Area, everyone may enjoy themselves in safety. 

What gives parents comfort of mind is as follows:

  • The play area has low water levels that are ideal for small kids. This lets kids play and explore without parents worrying about them falling into deep water all the time.
  • To reduce the possibility of slips and falls, the play area is completely covered in soft, non-slip materials.
  • The Splashers Play Area is staffed with trained lifeguards who are on duty to provide continuous supervision and quick aid when needed.
  • Although the play area is constructed with safety in mind, parental supervision is still strongly advised.

Best Time to Visit

For a more pleasurable and less crowded visit to Aquaventure’s Children’s Splashers Area, follow these tips:

Time of the Day

Try to get to the park by the time it opens, which is usually around 9.30 am for resort guests and 9.45 am for day visitors. 

This enables you to secure desirable locations close to the Splashers area before the crowds thicken.

Day of the Week

At Aquaventure, weekdays are typically less crowded than weekends. 

So, there will be less people in line and more chances for your kids to experience the attractions without having to wait a long time.


November through April, the cooler months will make the trip more comfortable for the kids and you.

Vacatis Tips for Kids Splashers Area

Take into consideration these useful suggestions to guarantee your kids’ (and your own) delight at the Children’s Splashers Play Area:

  • Generally, the play space is made for kids who are shorter than 1.2 meters.
  • Make sure your kids have on appropriate swimsuits and sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen frequently during the day.
  • Make sure kids who aren’t potty trained are using the proper swim diapers.
  • Bring extra towels so your kids can dry off and change into new clothes.
  • To keep your valuables safe while having fun in the water, rent a locker.
  • Make sure your kids drink enough water throughout the day, especially in Dubai’s intense heat.


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