Dubai Atlantis Waterpark Map

Dubai Aquaventure waterpark is located in The Avenues at Atlantis, The Palm, which is spread across a surface area of 5.72 km².

It houses the popular Aquaventure waterpark and the Lost chambers of Dubai, along with many other popular attractions.

Visit the Palm to enjoy the Palm islands, Dolphin bay, and shopping malls like the Pointe, Nakheel Mall. 

So, it becomes very crucial to know the precise location of every attraction so that you can enjoy Palm Jumeirah to its maximum.

Here’s the resort map for your convenience. You will find the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark map in this pdf.

Make the most of your trip to Aquaventure at Atlantis with the help of the Atlantis map, a two-sided informational guide. 

It has everything for people of all ages.

Waterslides will excite thrill-seekers while the young families will value Splashers Island’s security more.

Even animal enthusiasts will welcome the opportunity to go up close to sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and stingrays.

You’ll find all the slides, pools, river rides, and dining options on the map of Aquaventure at Atlantis.

Use the map to locate your favorite spots in the Aquaventure waterpark and then Book your Aquaventure tickets.


Atlantis The Palm map

Atlantis, The Palm is actually shaped like a palm tree. The hotels on this man-made Island get unrestricted views of the Arabian Gulf and beautiful coastlines. 

You can check out the entire map of the Atlantis, The Palm to find all the exciting places you can explore on your Dubai trip. 

Grab yourself a Dubai City Pass that will let you explore this amazing city of luxury and modern-day engineering marvel freely. 

Map of Atlantis Waterpark Dubai.

The Dubai Atlantis Waterpark is the largest waterpark in the world, so it is spread over a big area. 

Here is the Atlantis Aquaventure map pdf that covers over 100 record-breaking waterslides and helps you navigate better. 

At the same time, read Aquaventure waterpark tips to plan your visit better to get the most out of it.

Is there a specific Atlantis water park rides map?

Yes! There is an Aquaventure waterpark map where you can see the entire area divided into a few broad areas. 

The Atlantis Waterpark Dubai map will help you locate major areas such as Splasher’s Island & Mountain, Poseidon Tower, Trident Tower, Atlas Village, and more. 

Learn about the height requirements and other crucial things before your visit.

Featured Image: Squareyards.ae

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