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Dubai Aquaventure waterpark is located in The Avenues at Atlantis, The Palm, which is spread across a surface area of 5.72 km². Get Directions

To navigate such a large area a handy map will help you make the most of your vacation by ensuring that you see all of the exciting sites and hidden gems. 

This guide will help you navigate every area of the park, from the thrilling slides at Poseidon Tower to the peaceful River Run, the family-friendly Splashers Island to the interesting Lost Chambers Aquarium. 

Note: Here’s the Atlantis resort map for your convenience. You will find the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark map in it.

Why do you need a map?

While the park layout may not be important for sheer enjoyment, having a broad sense of direction will help you make the most of your Aquaventure Waterpark experience!

Plan a Perfect Trip: With a broad concept of where each section is, you can prioritize the things that interest you the most and minimize unnecessary backtracking.

Find Specific Activities Instantly: If you’re looking for a specific ride or experience, knowing its location will save you time roaming throughout the park.

Make the Most of Your Time: Knowing where everything is allows you to navigate more easily and optimize the number of activities you can do during your visit.

Navigate for the Group: If you’re with a group, particularly a family with young children, knowing where restrooms, changing spaces, or kid-friendly zones are can be useful.

Navigating Aquaventure

This guide will take you through each part, from the exhilarating slides at Poseidon Tower to resting by the River Run. 

We will see all of the must-see attractions, including the Lost Chambers Aquarium and interactive experiences with dolphins and sea lions.

Entrance Area

Location: When you enter the park, the entrance area will be your first stop.

What to Expect: You’ll find lockers for rent, a ticket desk, restrooms, changing places, and a visitor services counter.

Splashers Island

Splashers Island

Location: Proceed straight from the entrance area. Splashers Island is near Splashers Mountain.

What to Expect: Seven exciting water slides, splashing fountains, tipping buckets, and water jets.

Splashers Mountain

Location: Next to Splashers Island.

What to expect: Two massive tipping buckets, water slides, and splash zones.

Splashers Lagoon & Cove

Location: Proceed directly from Aquaventure’s main entrance. You’ll notice signs leading to the Splashers zone.

What to Expect: Wipeout, Lava Falls, Twisters, Comet Racer, Stingray, Swirl, Split Splash, and Riptide.

The River Rapids

Location: Turn left from the entrance area.

What to Expect: The River Rapids provide a pleasant or exhilarating float down the leisurely river (Riptide River) or through exciting rapids with tiny drops (Torrent River).

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Trident Tower

Location: Trident Tower is on the park’s left side, past the River Rapids.

What To Expect: Odyssey of Terror, Medusa’s Lair, Hydra Racer, Immortal Falls, Raging Rapids, and Trident’s Splash.

Neptune Tower

Atlantis Bahamas shark slide

Location: Look for the large pyramid structure in the center of the park. It is easily accessible from most parts of Aquaventure.

What To Expect: Neptune’s Tower features a variety of water slides, including the Leap of Faith, Shark Attack, 360-degree view of the shark lagoon, Stinger, Falls, Plunge, and Surge & The Storm.

Poseidon Tower

Location: Walk to the back of the park. On the way you will walk past Breakers Wave Pool and might encounter Trident Tower. If you see Trident Tower, keep going straight, Poseidon Tower will be further ahead. 

What to Expect: This tower provides a variety of water slides, including Poseidon’s Revenge, Aquaconda, Slitherine and Zoomerango.

Splashers Kids’ Area & Breakers Wave Pool

Location: Return to the entrance area and continue straight.

What to Expect: This region is ideal for families with young children or those seeking a less intensive experience.

  • Splashers Kids’ Area: has kid-sized slides, fountains, water jets, and a massive tipping bucket.
  • Breakers Wave Pool: you can catch some waves and experience the feeling of being at the beach.

River Run & Sea Club

Location: Turn right from the Splashers and Breakers area.

What to Expect: If you need a break from the adrenaline thrill, you can relax by the Pool.

  • River Run: is a quiet, flowing river that allows you to float on a tube and enjoy the sun.
  • Sea Club: has a huge pool and cozy lounges.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Diving in the Lost Chambers Aquarium of Atlantis Dubai

Location: Continue to the right from the RIVER RUN and SEACLUB area. You’ll see signs pointing to The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

What to Expect: The Lost Chambers Aquarium features over 65,000 marine animals.

  • Walkthrough tunnels: Surrounded by brilliant coral reefs, majestic sharks, playful dolphins, and a variety of colorful fish.
  • Animal Exhibits: See playful otters, behold the beautiful dance of jellyfish, or interact with a big moray eel.
  • Lagoon Exhibits: See graceful seahorses, colorful clownfish, and even feeding demonstrations with some of the larger inhabitants from above in large open tanks.

Dolphin Bay & Sea Lion Point

Location: Exit the Lost Chambers Aquarium and return to the Splashers and Breakers section. There will be signs for Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point.

What to Expect: Get close and personal with some incredible marine creatures during these interactive activities.

  • Dolphin Bay: Interact with dolphins in pools that resemble their natural habitat. You can enroll in programs that allow you to swim with dolphins, receive a dorsal fin tow, or even have a shallow water encounter.
  • Sea Lion Point: Meet the lovely sea lions and watch them perform tricks, learn about their training, and even take part in a shallow water engagement program (if available).

Dining at Aquaventure

Location: You’ll find restaurants and cafes serving various food and beverages throughout the park.

What to Expect: Aquaventure offers a variety of dining options, from quick nibbles to sit-down dinners, to suit any taste or budget.

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Leaving the Park

Locations: Near the entrance, by the parking lot, multiple exits are spread around different waterpark sections for better crowd management.

Tip to Navigate Aquaventure

  • The map makes it easier to determine the distance between parts, which is ideal for selecting whether to walk or take the park’s shuttle.
  • Use the map to identify the shortest path between rides or regions, saving time and increasing the amount of things you can do.
  • Find restaurants, cafes, and snack shops dotted throughout the park to keep you hydrated and fuelled throughout the day.
  • Knowing where exits are located ahead of time allows for a smooth departure, especially when the park is full.
  • The map employs symbols or color-coding to distinguish between rides, restaurants, bathrooms, and other amenities. To find the rides or services you’re looking for fast, identify their insignia.
  • The park provides animal contact and aquatic adventures. Use the map to find these and schedule your day accordingly.
  • The map might help you find gift shops to purchase souvenirs and memorialize your Aquaventure journey.


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