Aquaventure Waterpark Rides

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world and is home to the Burj Khalifa, the largest building in the world.

What Dubai does best is create sheer feats of engineering. The city pushes the limits of conventional engineering and manmade marvels.

The city lies in the Arabian Desert and has no natural water bodies. However, the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is the world’s largest water park.

Some of the Aquaventure Waterpark rides hold world records in various categories. The waterpark has the highest number of water rides worldwide, with over 105 slides.

With a tag like that, it has some of the most epic, thrilling, and adrenaline-inducing water slides and Atlantis Aquaventure rides that will leave you breathless. 

So, let’s look at the fantastic Aquaventure waterpark slides and rides list. 

Watch this video to learn all about the Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai Rides.

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Types of Waterslides at Atlantis Aquaventure

The Atlantis waterpark rides have four broad categories: Group rides, Body slides, Water Coasters, and Aquaventure Rivers.

For a better understanding of the Aquaventure Park map, let us know in which section we can find which Atlantis Water Park rides.

Group Rides 

The group rides are some of the most fun Atlantis Aquaventure rides you can enjoy and make memories with your friends and family. 

You should not miss three big and noteworthy Atlantis water park rides that you should not miss at any cost. These are:

Odyssey of Terror

Odyssey of Terror | World’s Tallest waterslide at Aquaventure

Aquaventure’s Odyssey of Terror Dubai is the world’s tallest waterslide. Without any doubt, it is one of the highlights of the park. 

The Odyssey of Terror Dubai is a group activity, so pick your gang and experience complete weightlessness.

Take on this ride that will sweep you up and down before the big drop, where your heart will drop to your stomach! 

The Odyssey of Terror Dubai is one of the must-experience Aquaventure Waterpark rides among many that keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart pumping.


All Aquaventure Waterpark slides are mind-blowing but the Shockwave is extraordinary as it is the world’s longest family water coaster.

Experience thrill and adventure on one of the Aquaventure Waterpark slides that combines power and speed. 

Raft in the rapids of Aquaventure and explore all its dark tunnels. 

Bring your daring friends on this 449-meter-long slide that will leave you out of breath and full of adrenaline. 


Zoomerango is a water slide like no other, even among the list of mind-blowing Atlantis rides. 

It has everything, from vertical plummets to crazy curves, that will throw you off-guard. 

The slide is 25 meters and 156 meters long. 

It is a high-octane, high-thrill slide that takes you up to a peak height of 14 meters and then dips you within seconds.

Zoomerango will give you butterflies in your tummy; it will also give you that weightless feeling you haven’t experienced before.

This is one of the tame yet adventurous enough Aquaventure Waterpark rides, offering enough thrill, perfect for people who can’t take on other more daring Atlantis rides.


Prepare to take a plunge! Ride the world’s largest tube water slide for extreme adventure.

The 9.2-meter wide and 25-meter tall Aquaconda mercilessly catapults riders at 35 kilometers per hour. 

At 210 meters in length, it is one of the longer Atlantis Water Park slides! You are in for an intense but fun ride that will leave your heart racing.

This activity is for those who like to do something adventurous. So, get onboard with your friends and take on the ride! 

Body Slides

Body Slides
Image: Viator.com

After a thrilling time to remember with your family, how about going solo to test your guts?

Chase the thrill on your terms on some of the most gravity-defying and speed-crushing Atlantis Water Park slides you will ever encounter.

Let’s get to know the Top 3 Aquaventure Waterpark slides you should not miss. 


Dubbed as the scarier sister of the Atlantis water slide, Leap of Faith; this is an extreme slide for those who are up for any challenge. 

It is a near-vertical slide where you reach insane speed throughout the slide; hence, it is one of the park’s most adventurous Atlantis Waterpark Dubai slides. 

Try this Aquaventure water slide out, but don’t blackout!


You have to be cautious, as this one is not for the faint-hearted. 

You will go down a tube with back-to-back turns, curves, and, most importantly, twists.

There are plenty of drops to put your thrill meter on an all-time high as you finally plummet down a big lagoon.

This is one of the must-try Aquaventure Waterpark rides if you are a thrill seeker.

It is excellent for those who want a taste of the extreme  Atlantis Water Park slides.

However, only a few dare to try slides like the Odyssey of Terror, Blackout, or the showstopper of Aquaventure, which are the next ones on our list. 

Aquaventure Water Slide Leap of Faith

Freefall Waterslide at Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai – Leap of Faith Slide

The Atlantis Leap of Faith is the most popular highlight on the list of many fantastic waterslides in the world.

It is also an awardee in the Guinness Book of World Records.

You must have seen a clip or two of this slide going viral on social media.

This near-vertical waterfall waterslide is 98 feet tall (9 stories) and approximately 20 meters high. 

It propels brave riders at a heart-pounding speed of 60km/h in 3 seconds.

This adrenaline-fueled body slide takes you on a thrilling journey through a transparent acrylic tube.

It offers mesmerizing views of sharks swimming around you before culminating in an exhilarating plunge into the pool below.

It is easily one of the craziest Aquaventure Waterpark rides, not just inside the park but anywhere in the world. 

Aren’t you amazed by these fantastic collections of rides? Purchase your Aquaventure tickets and experience the delight. 

Poseidon’s Revenge

There are a lot of thrilling Aquaventure Waterpark rides and slides, including the various Atlantic Shark slides.

But Poseidon’s Revenge stands out as the scariest and most adrenaline-inducing in the park.  It is also known as the Tower of Poseidon.

The slide starts with an insane 31-meter plummet as the floor underneath slips off your feet. 

You go through an elaborate 116-meter water slide as you freefall at a 60 km/h speed before being propelled upside down in the capsule. 

 A ride not for the faint of heart, as it will have your pulse pounding and your adrenaline going into overdrive. 

It is a dream for adventure junkies because it will push their limits.

Water Coaster 

Imagine sliding in a tube and swirling around some crazy bends and curves. 

If this sounds exciting, water coast rides are perfect for you. 

Here are a few water coaster Atlantis Water Park slides you should try out. 

Medusa’s Lair 

This is a two-person water slide, so bring your friends, family members, little ones, or partner to experience a slide like no other. 

Sit on a raft and slide down in a winding, never-ending, and twisting tube with water splashing everywhere. 

Shark Attack 

The shark attack of Aquaventure is a happy balance of speed, twists, and turns, along with a gentle sway.

It is named so because you float through the transparent tube surrounding a lagoon full of sharks and other species. 

This one is for fans of marine wildlife and all its magnificent creatures. 

Observe them up close in this ride without actually going under the water. 

It is somewhat similar to the Leap of Faith, which also takes you through a transparent acrylic tube to witness outstanding views of sharks swimming around you.

The only difference is that Leap of Faith is fast. Thus, it is one of tame Atlantis rides perfect alternative to the more adventurous ones. 

It takes you through the Shark Tank in a whisk, while Shark Attack offers you time to observe the marine species, especially sharks, and get swayed away slowly.


The surge is a fast-paced closed tube accelerating you through incredible turns and twists, taking you to and from epic heights. 

A fun ride while it lasts will keep you firmly holding onto the floating tube and your heart racing fast. 


Falls is another thrilling solo floating tube slide that will take you through blood-rushing twists, bends, and curves. 

It is not an extreme ride, so this is perfect for those who want to enjoy and have fun but aren’t looking for challenging rides. 

It is also ideal for spending time with your little ones.


It is a two-person water ride. If you are going with your partner, you will love this. 

Unlike the scary Aquaventure Waterpark rides, it starts pretty calmly and gently. The tube is not that wide, either. 

Having said that, it doesn’t mean it won’t push you or make things exciting. Soon after you start floating, you will plummet down fast.

It is a closed tube ride. However, in many sections, the top part of the tube is transparent. 

But there are a few sections where it is pitch black, and you zoom in pretty fast before ending in a small channel of slow water. 

You will eventually end up in a pool-like area! It is a short yet thrilling ride, perfect for those scared of big rides but want a little taste of the same fun! 

The Storm

If you liked the Stinger and want to take it up a couple of notches, this is exactly what it is. 

In fact, the last portion of the ride is Stinger itself. The Storm connects to the starting portion of the Stinger. 

The Storm starts with you sitting with one of your friends on a conveyor belt that carries you to a top position. 

From this point, you plummet down fast. As with the Stinger, the slide tube is not that wide; in some portions, the top part is transparent. 

However, the Storm has a lot of twists and turns that throw you around with significant speed to get your heart racing!

The end section of the ride connects seamlessly to the beginning of the Stinger.

From this point onwards, you are basically experiencing Stinger! You end in a small pool-like area.


The plunge is also considered the Black Hole. You will soon realize the reason behind this moniker. 

The build-up for the slide is pretty usual. You will be carried on a conveyor belt for some distance. 

This is quite similar to The Storm as well. The difference that makes it unique is that once you plummet from the top, there is pitch-black darkness the entire time.

Another difference is that the slide is elevated. Thus, there are more twists and turns. 

Along with the inability to see anything due to darkness, the significant speed, and the adventurous twist, this is one of the unmissable Aquaventure Waterpark rides. 

Aquaventure River

Now is your chance to float around unrestricted in a river! 

These Aquaventure Waterpark Rides are not one-paced; each turn and curve throws you for the toss. 

The Rapid River Atlantis keeps you guessing; you will never know what lies ahead of the next bend. Here are two rides you will surely enjoy:

Rapid River Atlantis

A perfect ride for those who want to be in control and explore things!

The Rapid River Atlantis is the longest river in the region, with gushing waves, turns, twists, and spinning torrents that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Rapid River Ride’s highlight is its exhilarating and adventurous journey through a dynamic watercourse.

It even has a variety of large pools with spacious sun decks, allowing you to get off and explore anywhere. 

Raging Rapids

As the name suggests, it is a ride to rage as it tests the extremes of water elements. 

You are exposed to several raging water elements, such as waves, high-pressure bubbles, and currents, that tempt and challenge you at the same time. 

Jump in with your friends with a lifevest and test your metal while enjoying and having the time of your life. 

Try the Lazy River at Atlantis if you want a gentler floating experience.
Just like Rapid River Atlantis Dubai and Atlantis Bahamas Rapid River, these waterparks also have a Lazy River ride.

Know More about the two Lazy Rivers. 

Other Rides at Aquaventure, Atlantis

Since Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is a world-class destination, it has an insane variety of rides and slides. 

Many Aquaventure Waterpark rides and attractions don’t fall under any clear-cut category, making them even more unique experiences. 

You should not miss two of the most popular attractions of this type. 

Hydra Racer

We have all raced among our friends at least once in our lives. Well, this is the Atlantis Aquaventure water slide version of it. 

Pick two other friends and jump on this slide—the race is to be first to the bottom!

The curves and twists might not be of epic proportion, but the competition makes it more fun and thrilling than any other slide.  

Immortal Falls

You must have seen it in the movies when the hero jumps off a cliff into the water. 

This attraction allows you to do that heroically. 

This is for all those who aren’t afraid of heights. You can jump off a gravity-defying cliff into the water. 

Challenge your friends and get the feel of jumping into the water like any other natural cliff site. 

Aquaventure Waterpark Ticket

Now that you know all about the fantastic Aquaventure Waterpark rides have a crack at them yourself by booking a ticket.

Here’s all the information you need before booking your admission ticket to the Aquaventure Waterpark. 

Aquaventure Waterpark Price:

AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (8 years and above)AED 315 (US$ 86)
Child ticket (3 to 7 years)AED 265 (US$ 72)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Note: If you are visiting Aquaventure, consider the Dolphin experience as well. The tickets are right here for your convenience.


How many rides does Aquaventure Dubai have?

The Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai is the world’s largest waterpark, featuring plenty of record-breaking slides, rides, and attractions. 

Aquaventure Waterpark has over 105 slides of various kinds for people of all ages.

Some popular Aquaventure Waterpark rides include Poseidon’s Revenge/Tower of Poseidon, Aquaconda Atlantis Dubai, Odyssey of Terror, Shockwave, and more. 

How many water slides does Aquaventure Dubai have?

Aquaventure Waterpark has over 105 slides, attractions, and experiences. There are plenty of record-breaking slides in the waterpark. 

There are so many slides that the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai is the world’s largest waterpark. 

The list of popular water slides includes the Odyssey of Terror, Zoomerngo, Leap of Faith, River Rapids, and more. 

Learn about the height and age restrictions for the slides before your visit. 

Which are the Atlantis Waterpark’s new rides?

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai holds the record for the world’s largest waterpark.

The primary reason for its world record is its continuous expansion and the addition of new slides. 

They have added more than 28 new waterslides and attractions in the last two years. 

Trident Tower, Splasher’s Lagoon, and Splasher’s Cove are among the most popular new additions. 

What is the scariest ride in Atlantis?

For thrill-seekers, there are plenty of epic water slides and rides at the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai. 

Some sure to test your metal and get your heart racing include the ever-so-popular Aquaconda world’s largest tube-water slide, Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge/Tower of Poseidon, and more. 

Learn about the various heights and other restrictions before your visit. Read Aquaventure tips to plan your visit better! 

What is the scariest water slide in Atlantis?

With over 100 heart-thumping water slides, including record-breaking slides, you are always close to the action at Dubai’s world’s largest waterpark. 

The ever-so-popular Aquaconda world’s largest tube-water slide, Leap of Faith, and Poseidon’s Revenge are the scariest waterslides in Atlantis. 

Learn about the various heights and other restrictions before your visit. Read Aquaventure tips to plan your visit better! 

Top 10 Dubai Waterslides at Aquaventure Waterpark.

Over 100 Aquaventure Waterpark rides, and slides are at the Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai. 

Here are the top 10 Dubai Water Slides at Aquaventure Waterpark:
1. Odyssey of Terror
2. Leap of Faith
3. Aquaconda Atlantis Dubai
4. Poseidon’s Revenge 
5. Shark Attack 
6. Atlantean Flyer 
7. The Rapids
8. Zoomerango 
9. Slitherines 
10. Splashers

There are plenty more exciting slides at the park. Just grab your Aquaventure ticket and let the fun begin! But before y

Was there a Leap of Faith Atlantis Dubai accident?

No, the Leap of Faith Atlantis Dubai is totally safe. There are no reports of any accidents on the slide.

The Leap of Faith is one of the park’s highlights and will surely get your heart racing. 

Visitors looking to get the most out of their visit can get the combo Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark and the Lost Chambers ticket and visit two attractions with one ticket. 

Which water park has the highest slide in Dubai?

The tallest waterslide in Dubai is at Atlantis Aquaventure. It is known as the Odyssey of Terror. 

Interestingly, it is the world’s tallest waterslide. It is a group activity, meaning you can take on this heart-pumping slide with your friends and family. 

Aquaventure is home to plenty of high-thrill waterslides and rides—over 105. So, grab your Aquaventure tickets now!

Is Aquaventure Dubai worth visiting?

Located in the Atlantis Hotel, the Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai is the largest waterpark in the world. 

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the adrenaline rush on the various thrilling waterslides. 

It is a perfect destination for all thrill-seekers, adults, and kids. There are plenty of things to do, along with some record-breaking slides. 

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